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Custom Bodhráns

'Origin' Bodhrans:

14 1/2" or 16"

Birch with light goat skin,

6 (14 1/2" drums)  or 8 (16" drums)

Stainless Steel  GOYT semi-circle tuners, navy webbing,

nickel tacked with natural waxed outer rim 

and contrasting inner. 



Custom orders by request:

I will work closely with you to create

a unique drum to your requirements.

Drums can be made in a range of diameters;

 (14.5", 16", 18") and  depth options

(3-8"); veneer choices, skins and finishes.  

Lead times range from 2--4 months depending on your drum choice & current order volume.

GOYT Craft is a small craft workshop and

I do not wish to rush orders.

If you wish to discuss our services or place an order, please leave a message in the section below and I will be in touch shortly.

Thank You.



GOYT Bodhrán Cases

Bodhrán Cases are available in 14.5" and 16" diameters. I have designed these with the aim of providing a case that is worthy of complementing, protecting and, of course, transporting your GOYT Craft Bodhrán. Heavy duty, robust outer materials, zips and padding, coupled with a soft interior, large front pocket, internal webbing pocket and rucksack style handles; this case is ready for anything you throw at it. A very well made case, produced for GOYT by Namana Bags, I trust you will be pleased with the quality and features of these cases. £95 each + shipping.

Get in touch if you wish to order a case or include this with your initial inquiry when placing a drum order.

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Available Drums


14.5" X 5" Bodhrán  

Birch framed, 6 GOYT black block tuners, solid black finish with lacquer light sheen finish. Double tacked black leather binding. Medium-thin taped goatskin head. Mellow, low tones, soft attack, nice mid-range, low 'pops'.  £360 (+P&P)


14.5" X 5" Bodhrán  

Birch framed, 6 GOYT black block tuners, blue on green wash finish, hand waxed. Solid black inner. Double tacked grey leather binding. Medium taped goatskin. Mild 'pops', even tone, medium attack, lively higher end sound  £360 (+P&P)

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Get in touch:

Thanks! Message sent. I'll be in touch soon. Conor

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