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Following the success of the first GOYT Craft Bodhrán Building Workshop, I cannot wait to run the workshop again in 2022. Dates have been set for February and May 2022. Over 3 days, participants will learn the skills of Bodhrán construction; laminating plywood, using a router to profile bearing edges, marking and drilling for tuning hardware, finishing the shell with a shellac and wax, skinning the drum and completing the instrument with banding and tacks. It's a busy few days, and you will leave with a tuneable Bodhrán to cherish forever. The course price is £325, including all tools, materials, refreshments and tuition over the 3 days.


To enquire or book, email: maker@goytcraft by clicking the link. 

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Bodhrán Lessons

I offer beginner/intermediate lessons direct from the workshop via zoom or locally at home if you wish. I have DBS and a wealth of experience teaching. If you want to work or fundamentals of playing, develop your skills in a particular style (reels, polkas, jigs...) or have a refresher class after a time way from the drum; I will work with you to deliver lessons that suit your needs. 

Lessons are £25 for 45 minutes with 10% discount if booked in blocks of 5.


To enquire or book, email: or contact through the contact form

About GOYT Craft.

In setting up GOYT Craft Instruments, I aim to create drums that will stand the test of time. Drums that will be enjoyed and trusted for many years.  My handmade drums are made to be  durable, aesthetically pleasing and with a sound quality of the highest standard. When ordering a drum, the initial discussions around your design will also keep your end sound and intended use at the fore; whether you are looking for a more traditional sound, or for a modern sound; offering high 'pops' and controlled bass for top-end playing and recording, I will work with you to ensure your drum looks and sounds just as you want.  


I have been playing bodhrán, drum kit and percussion since childhood and have an (un)healthy hobby of collecting drums, large and small, from mini tablas to the thunderous Lambeg Drum. Back in 2016 I began building drums as a hobby and have been making drums and perfecting the process since then. Taking the leap and setting up GOYT Craft Instruments  in early 2019 was a natural progression and since then GOYT Craft has steadily grown and drums can now be heard both closer to home in the UK & Ireland, and across the USA and Europe.

I have also taken on commissions for a range of instrument builds and repairs: snare drums, daff, tar drums and also in restoration and maintenance of rope tension drums. Having access to a range of skin producers allows me to offer goat, calf or deer skins across all builds and also to offer a skin lapping service for snare skins, lambeg drums and timpani drums. 

If you wish to build your own drum or reskin a drum, I can provide the component parts and instruction via notes, video or live video chat instruction. 


If you want to discuss any of the above services, or just and to have advice (or simply chat drums) get in touch!

Thank you for visiting.


Order direct to create your dream Bodhrán

Drums are only available by direct order through this site. I feel that this allows a better link between maker-player and allows for direct dialogue and understanding of the personal element of each drum and the musician that brings it to life. Orders can be placed through the button below, with a current waiting time of  2-3 months on Origin Series drums and up to 4 months for custom orders.


You can order by following the link below:

GOYT Workshop

Set outside Manchester, on the edge of the Peak District and within a stone's throw of the beautiful Goyt Valley where the Goyt River makes its way towards the Mersey. I run a small workshop, which uses modern tools and machinery within the building process alongside true craftsmanship; using hand tools, hand sanding and finishing and  an eye for detail setting GOYT Craft drums apart from other mass produced instruments.